The Best AI Story Generator Tools For 2023 [Top 3 Picks]

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Chioma Ezeh is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more

Authors often spend years perfecting their storytelling skills. It’s an art that doesn’t come easy. But what if there is a way to bypass this learning curve? What if you could write compelling stories like seasoned writers without any brain-tasking anxiety?

This is where AI story generators come in. Fiction writers can unleash their creativity and create their own stories with these cutting-edge tools.

If you’re a seasoned writer or a beginner just starting, you’ll find the information you need in this post. We’ll explore the 7 best AI story generator tools that can help you get started and finish your stories.

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Tool NameBest ForSpecial FeaturesFree Plan/TrialCompatible DevicesPricingOur Rating
1.JasperAIAll-Kinds WritingBoss ModeYesWindows, Mac$24-$49/mo5
2.NovelAICreative StoriesStoryteller ModeYesWindows, Mac$10-$25/mo5
2.AI Dungeon WorldbuildingPre-made charactersYesWindows, MacFree3.5
3.ShortlyAILong-form StoriesMultiple GenresYesWindows, Mac$79-$65/mo4.7
4.RytrPlot GenerationChrome ExtensionYesWindows, Mac$9-$29/mo5
5.SudowriteCharacter DevelopmentBrainstormingYesWindows, Mac$19-$129/m4.6
7. Narrative DeviceStory IdeasRandom themesYesWindows, MacTokens $5+4.4

Use this table to compare and decide which AI story generator fits your needs based on your writing goal, device, and price.

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What Is The Best AI Story Generator?

Jasper is the best AI story generator tool available on the market. It can help you generate AI stories in various genres and styles, including fiction, fantasy, Drama, etc. Jasper can also help you develop character profiles, settings, plotlines, etc. You can enjoy a five-day free Jasper trial before investing in it.

Other best AI story writers include NovelAI, a highly advanced AI story maker that you can use to generate high-quality creative stories. We also like Rytr and Sudowrite regarding user experience. Detailed insight into these AI story-writing tools is found below.

The Best AI Story Generator Tool – Overview

The following are our top picks:

  1. Best Overall: Jasper
  2. Best for creative story writing: Novel AI
  3. Best for Worldbuilding: AI Dungeon
  4. Best for Long-form stories: ShortlyAI
  5. Best for Story Ideas: Narrative Device AI
  6. Best for plot generation: Rytr
  7. Best for character development: Sudowrite

With that aside, let’s start reviewing the best AI story writers.

The Best AI Story Generator Tools

#1: Jasper AI


Jasper AI


Jasper is the market’s most popular AI writing solution and the first choice of writers and authors worldwide.

  • Creative Story template
  • 60+ additional writing templates
  • Nice user interface

Jasper is the most versatile and all-around AI writing tool. It produces unique, highly versatile, and subtle content in almost every genre. Jasper Boss Mode allows authors to generate anything from unique plotlines to writing a whole novel.

Jasper’s creative story template was designed to help anyone become a better storyteller. The template offers step-by-step guidance on writing an interesting, engaging story. It starts by introducing the main character and setting up the plot for the story, then moves on to scene development before focusing on dialogue and action.

Here are a few key features of Jasper:

  • It offers 50+ writing templates. The “Creative Story” template lets you write a compelling story from scratch within seconds
  • It offers an editor similar to Google Docs, which makes the editing process quite easy and convenient
  •  Its interface is easy to navigate

My Experience Using Jasper AI

Creative story template of jasper ai - one of the best ai story generator tools

Jasper offers a five-day free trial. After that, you’ll have to buy one of its paid plans which include a starter plan at $24/mo and a boss mode plan starting at $49/mo.

Jasper AI ProsJasper AI Cons
Plethora of writing templates
Use cases available for almost every authors-related need
Doesn’t have a free plan
Steep learning curve. You may need to watch training videos

Jasper is the perfect AI story writer for any writer or author. From planning to execution, Jasper can help you in your whole creative story writing process.

#2: Novel AI

Best For Creative Story Writing

Novel AI

Discover the future of storytelling with NovelAI — the AI story-writing program that has been used by hundreds of authors to date. Novelists, story writers, and authors have raved about this tool since it was released, as its futuristic capabilities are unmatched.

Trained on real literature, NovelAI is your ultimate AI assistant software for writing compelling stories. Its use cases were designed to be equally useful for newbies and seasoned authors. While you can generate a story right away through its storyteller tool, you can also play with its advanced features like author imitation.

Best of all, it offers a customizable editor that lets you set your preferred font style, font size, color theme, etc.

Here are a few key benefits of NovelAI:

  • Storyteller mode lets you generate a complete story from a single prompt
  • It offers easy rewrites and re-edits
  • Text adventure mode lets you build your own world and character
  • Custom editor lets you format and edit your work easily

My Experience Using NovelAI

I gave the tool my unfinished AI-generated fiction story titled “An Unfortunate Incident.” 

novel ai story generator

Here is how it carried the story forward:

When the intruder stepped into view, she let out a gasp. It was Mark! He wore an oversized jacket that hung loosely over his frame, making him look even more like a hobo than he already did.

I loved how realistic and creative this tool is. I liked the way the AI carried the story further and, especially, captured Mark’s nasty look.

NovelAI gives a free trial that lets you generate 50 texts for free. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their paid plans which are as follows:

  • Tablet: $10/month
  • Scroll: $15/month
  • Opus: $25/month
Nove AI ProsNovel AI Cons
It’s creative
It’s easy to use
It lets you do editing easily
It can’t help you with any other kind of writing including, screenplays, scene building, etc

If you’re an author or a story writer and would like an assistance tool for creative purposes, Novel AI is your best bet.

#3: AI Dungeon

Best For Worldbuilding

AI Dungeon

Get your creative juices flowing with AI Dungeon, the AI text-based adventurous gaming platform that lets you generate stories or build your own fantasy world in real-time. Its unique capabilities make it one of the most loved AI story writers in the market.

Try AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is an NLP-based AI story generator that takes user prompts to generate stories. It helps users build a fantasy world of their own.

AI Dungeon works by letting you define your own world (story or game) by choosing your character, plot, setting, etc. It also lets you also decide how you want the story to play out eventually through your prompts. 

Authors can take advantage of this feature of AI Dungeon and use it to generate whole new story ideas or fantasy world for their own stories and novels.

Here are a few key features of AI Dungeon:

  • Generates Unlimited Stories
  • Offers multiple genres and settings
  • Offers dozens of pre-made characters
  • Lets you generate your custom character, scene, or genre

My Experience Using AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon dashboard

I couldn’t use my “An Unfortunate Incident” story here because we’re building a fantasy world here.

It started with asking me a few questions about the world I wanted to build. The interesting thing was that it didn’t make it compulsory to answer the questions. It did give me an option but it also had an AI generation button in case I wasn’t interested in giving it my personal prompts.

After all the prompts, AI dungeon gave me a summary of my unique fantasy world. So, I could use it to write anything from a short story to create a whole series of short stories. And best of all, as I stated before, too, AI Dungeon is completely free to use.

AI Dungeon ProsAI Dungeon Cons
It’s free
Unlimited stories
This tool is still developing
it might return wrong results sometimes

Anyone who is a fiction writer, loves role-playing games, and enjoys building personalized fantasy worlds should give AI Dungeon a try.

#4: Shortly AI

Best For Long-Form Stories


The ShortlyAI story-generating software tool is the industry standard for generating unique stories. Big organizations such as NBC News, WIRED, and The Telegraph endorse ShortlyAI due to its unique capabilities.

ShortlyAI is a Gitbook-powered AI story generator tool that offers all the advanced features that an author needs to write a compelling story. From its interface which is designed to feel like a blank canvas to its AI which is trained on half a trillion words, everything about ShortlyAI is great.

The blank canvas invites you to just unleash all your thoughts. And if you feel stuck somewhere, get the help of ShortlyAI’s artificial intelligence through the one-shot “Write for me” button. It’s always available to help you shape your thoughts more clearly.

Here are a few key features of ShortlyAI:

  • It can help you generate long-form fictional stories
  • It lets you develop unique characters, plotlines, scenes, and settings for your story
  • It lets you share your writings with other users and get feedback
  • It lets you write in different genres

My Experience Using ShortlyAI

I gave ShortlyAI my unfinished “An Unfortunate incident” story. Here is how it carried the story further:

Silence answered her.


“He’s not here. Now be a good girl and do as I say.”

The voice wasn’t familiar, and it took Jenny a few seconds to realize that the intruder was a man.

She could hear the intruder near the door, then faintly behind the couch, and finally the sound of him approaching her.

ShortlyAi story generator tool

I liked how ShortlyAI picked the story from where I left it and induced more thrill in it. The way it captured the scene of the intruder moving invisibly to Jenny was great.

You can use its free trial to test its capabilities. After that, you’ll have to buy one of their paid plans which are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: $79/month
  • Annual Plan: $65/month (2 months free)
Shortly AI ProsShortly AI Cons
Good tool for generating long-form stories
Flexible editing
Easy to use
Free trial doesn’t offer many freebies
It’s expensive

ShortlyAI is a great tool for authors who want to better portray their thoughts on to the paper. 

#5: Narrative Device AI

Best For Story Ideas

Narrative Device AI

Don’t judge Narrative Device AI by its looks. With its advanced capabilities, this tool can create the most unique story ideas for you. It isn’t as popular yet, but it’ll be soon. Be one of its first users and reap the benefits later.

Narrative Device is an AI story-writing software that works on advanced language models like GPT-3. Aside from its spammy-looking interface, Narrative Device AI has all the capabilities of advanced tools to generate unique stories.

First, it asks users to input two random story themes. Then, its AI interprets those themes and generates a brief synopsis following those themes that you can later develop into a complete story. You can repeat this process infinite times to get infinite story ideas at the cheapest rates possible in the entire market.

Here are a few key features of the Narrative Device:

  • It uses GPT-3 algorithm to produce unique content
  • It takes two random themes as the input
  • It offers a free trial in exchange for your email

My Experience Using Narrative Device AI

I gave Narrative Device AI “Violent Ex-Husband Mark” as the first theme and “Innocent Ex-Wife Jenny” as the second theme.

Narrative device ai story generator

Here is what it returned:

Jenny had been a lot through in her life, but she never thought she would end up divorced and living in fear of her violent ex-husband Mark.”

I loved how this tool’s AI interpreted the input themes and portrayed them perfectly in the story. It describes a tense situation of Jenny in the best way possible.

Narrative Device AI gives you 5 free tokens. After that, you’ll have to pay $5 for 100 tokens.

Narrative Device AI ProsNarrative AI Cons
Quality output
Easy to use
Bad interface

Narrator Device is a perfect tool for authors who frequently need story ideas in random genres.

#6: Rytr

Best For Plot Generation


Rytr is one of the most versatile AI writing tools available in the market. It’s also a top-rated app on Trustpilot with hundreds of positive reviews from users. Authors around the world trust Rytr as their go-to AI writing assistant.

Rytr’s story plot generator is unlike any other AI plot generator tool. In just 4 steps, it’ll give you a perfect story plot that you can use to write anything from a short story to a whole novel.

Rytr starts by asking you your preferred language and tone of voice. Then, it’ll ask you to give a brief story idea that you’ve in your mind. Finally, before giving you the output, it’ll ask about the number of outputs you want and your preferred creativity level. Follow all the steps and you’ll have your plot within seconds.

Here are a few key features of Rytr:

  • It lets you specify the variables of your story such as genre, length, creativity, etc.
  • It generates multiple outputs giving you a choice to choose the best one
  • It offers a plagiarism checker to help you make sure your story is 100% original
  • It offers a Chrome extension 

My Experience Using Rytr

As I was using Rytr as a plot generator, I gave it an overview of my “An Unfortunate Incident” story and asked it to generate an interesting story plot for me. Here is how it responded:

Rytr ai story generator

Jenny was sound asleep when she heard a loud crash coming from her living room. She immediately woke up and grabbed her phone to call the police. But before she could dial, she heard a voice that made her heart stop– it was Mark, her ex-husband.

He had broken into her apartment with a gun in his hand and demanded that Jenny give him something. Jenny was terrified and begged to know what it was he wanted from her. He revealed that he needed the key to his safety deposit box at the bank, which he had left in Jenny’s care when they split up years ago.

Jenny refused to give him the key, but Mark threatened to hurt her if she didn’t comply. She had no choice but to give in and reluctantly handed over the key. Mark thanked her before leaving as quickly as he had come.

The next day, Jenny reported the incident to the police, who then arrested Mark for breaking and entering.”

Short, concise, and to the point. It’s like reading the plot of an actual movie on Wikipedia. I loved how effortlessly it created an interesting story plot for me that I can easily turn into a short story or even a short script for a drama.

While Rytr offers a free plan, if you truly want to experience its perks fully, you can buy one of their paid plans. They are as follows:

  • Saver Plan: $9/month 
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month
Rytr ProsRytr Cons
Quality user experience
Several AI writing use cases
Flexible editing
Not suitable for long-form story writing

Rytr is a wonderful AI tool for writers and authors who needs an AI assistant tool to generate plots for their novels or stories.

#7: Sudowrite

Best For Character Development


Sudowrite is one of the most endorsed AI writing assistants in the market, specifically by authors. It’s a one-of-a-kind multi-million dollar startup that has taken the world by storm.

Sudowrite is your perfect AI brainstorming companion. Sure, you can also use it to write stories, novels, etc., but its real power lies in brainstorming ideas.

Authors, specifically those who write novels, have to come up with scores of characters. And after coming up with them, they have to develop each character’s personality. This work can easily take weeks, if not months. But with Sudowrite’s brainstorming feature, you can literally get this work done in days.

Here are a few key features of Sudowrite:

  • It offers several use cases, including AI content generation, brainstorming characters, and more
  • It generates several outputs. You can choose any based on what suits your character the best
  • It saves all your work in its encrypted database so you can access it anytime you want

My Experience Using Sudowrite

Our story has developed a bit while reviewing each tool. We now have a character Mark, Jenny’s criminal ex-husband. As Sudowrite is the best tool for character development, I asked it to give me a list of events that turned Mark into a criminal.

sudowrite ai story generator

Here are a few events it returned to me:

  1. Mark was involved in multiple break-ins of local stores
  2. He was convicted of bank robbery
  3. He sold drugs, etc.

The outputs it gave me were more than enough to get my creative juices flowing. With Sudowrite, I can easily develop a character from scratch, all the way from his personality traits to his external circumstances.

Sudowrite offers a free trial that gives you enough time to test this tool. If you like it, you can buy one of its paid plans which are as follows:

  • Hobby & Student Plan: $19/month
  • Professional Plan: $29/month
  • Max Plan: $129/month

Pros And Cons of Sudowrite

Sudowrite ProsSudowrite Cons
Versatile tool with several use cases
It helps you brainstorm anything from characters to your story’s setting or scene building
Its interface is hard to navigate

Any author who struggles with coming up with new ideas for their story’s plot, characters, setting, etc., should use Sudowrite to bypass the creative block.

Comparison of the Best AI Story Generator Tools

Here is how the top five AI storytellers compare to each other.

Tool NameBest ForSpecial FeaturesFree Plan/TrialCompatible DevicesPricingOur Rating
1.JasperAIAll-Kinds WritingBoss ModeYesWindows, Mac$24-$495
2.NovelAICreative StoriesStoryteller ModeYesWindows, Mac$10-$255
3.ShortlyAILong-form StoriesMultiple GenresYesWindows, Mac$79-$654.7
4.RytrPlot GenerationChrome ExtensionYesWindows, Mac$9-$295
5.SudowriteCharacter DevelopmentBrainstormingYesWindows, Mac$19-$1294.6

How I Evaluated Each Tool

To determine the best AI story writers, we evaluated them for accuracy, user experience, functionality, and writing quality. To find the best, we looked at 13 story generators and ranked the best 7 by their functionality. The top 3 were Jasper, NovelAI, and ShortlyAI.

I evaluated each tool using a sample story generated through ChatGPT. I fed it to each tool and evaluated the results based on a few parameters, including;

  • Quality of output;
  • Customization options;
  • User experience.

Here is the sample story:

“The sound of the door being kicked open echoed through the quiet apartment. Jenny jumps in surprise, her heart pounding in her chest. She had been home alone, working on her laptop, when she heard the intruder.

She quickly gathered her courage and grabbed the nearest object to use as a weapon. Jenny held the heavy flashlight tightly as she backed away from the door.

“Who’s there?” she called out, her voice shaking.”

Please note that the actual story will remain the same throughout the article. But its style and tone will change with each tool as we’ll be evaluating each tool according to its category, like “Best for Plot Generation,” etc.

What Is An AI Story Generator?

An AI story generator is an AI-based tool that can create stories from your prompts. AI story generator tools are trained on the latest algorithms, like neural networks, that mimic human writing and generate unique and creative narratives.

You can use these tools to write anything from a fictional story to a script of a drama. Also, AI story generators can help you brainstorm plots, characters, scenes, setups, and more for your next book or novel.

How to choose the best AI Story Generator

Here are the 7 steps to choosing the best AI story writer for you:

  1. Figure out your needs: Ask yourself: “How do I plan to use an AI story tool?” 
  2. Research options: Once you know your use, go online and research the available options.
  3. Check actual user reviews: While researching, make sure to check out what users had to say about a certain tool.
  4. Evaluate features: Once you find a good tool that has good word of mouth, evaluate its features to make sure it caters to all your needs.
  5. Consider your budget: Also check your budget. Some of those tools are really 
  6. Get a free trial: Choose 2 to 3 tools and get their free trials.
  7. Finalize the tool: Test each tool and pick the best one.

Benefits Of Writing With AI Story Generators 

As an author, you can get several benefits from using an AI story generator tool during your creative process. A few of them are as follows:

  • You can get new and creative ideas and get your creative juices flowing
  • AI story writers can be a time-saving solution for authors to quickly generate characters, plots, and more
  • AI story writers can help you plan the genre, tone, and style of your book
  • As AI tools aren’t limited by human imagination and creativity, they can help you brainstorm countless ideas about anything you want
  • Best of all, AI story writers have made writer’s block a thing of the past

FAQs On The Best AI Story Generator

What Is An AI Story Generator?

An AI story generator is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique stories. It can generate original stories based on certain prompts using natural language processing algorithms.

How Does An AI Story Generator Work?

An AI story generator works by using natural language processing algorithms to analyze large datasets of existing stories and generate new ones. It starts with a set of prompts, then uses artificial intelligence to analyze these in order to create a unique story. This process is often referred to as “machine learning” since the AI is capable of adapting and improving its story generation over time.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using An AI Story Generator?

Some benefits of using an AI story generator include faster story creation, more creative and unique stories, and the ability to tailor stories to specific genres and audiences. With an AI story generator, you can quickly generate ideas for a story without having to spend hours brainstorming.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using An AI Story Generator?

A potential drawback of using an AI story generator is that the generated stories may not be as unique or creative as those written by hand. Additionally, while AI story generators can help to reduce the time it takes to create stories, they can also be expensive and require significant resources and time to edit.

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Final Word On AI Story Generator Apps

The best AI story generator tool can help you write compelling stories that connect with your readers. We hope you’ve learned greatly from this post, so you can choose the best AI story writer from our list, pick the best one that suits your writing style, and start writing the best stories ever.

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