13 Best Gifts For Authors & Book Writers

Writing is an art and authors are their most dedicated practitioners. For the perfect way to show your admiration for a beloved author, this list of gifts for authors has something special.

From personalized stationery to digital tools that make writing easier, there’s something here that any writer will appreciate. With these thoughtful items, they’ll be able to take their craftsmanship up a notch and write with greater ease. So don’t wait any longer; get shopping now.

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Best Gifts For Authors & Book Writers

1. A Domain Name

A perfect gift for the aspiring writer in your life is a domain name. This can be a fantastic way to demonstrate your backing and enthusiasm as they chase after their writing aspirations.

It’ll also grant them the opportunity to construct an online presence with their own website or blog. GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Namecheap offer domain names for as low as $3 per year. Surely, you can use this gift idea to affirm your support and encouragement.

best gifts for authors - domain name

2. Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Digital Smart Notebooks are a godsend for writers. With brands like the Rocketbook Smart Notebook, you can write down notes digitally and have them automatically backed up into cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, etc. They’ll never lose their work again. Plus, each page is erasable with water so it doesn’t take up permanent space on paper – what more could you ask for?

best gifts for authors - Rocketbook smart notebook

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3. COG pens

COG pens are a great choice for writers who mean business. Every art and skill has one essential tool, and no matter how much our times modernize, the essence of writing will be symbolized by pens. Therefore, any book writer in your life deserves to be treated with a good-quality pen as a token of appreciation and your care. 

The COG pens from Tom Dixon are modern and elegant and not overly priced either. These pens are meant to be used and treasured for the sentiment behind the gesture. Check out these brilliant pens and maybe add them to your shopping cart as they are definitely great gifts for book writers. 

best gifts for authors - COG Pens with pen stand and its refill

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4. Author necklace

If you have an author friend who is dear to your heart, you can show your love and appreciation with this gorgeous author necklace. The pendant has an alluring and petite ribbon shape which is finished with 14K white gold over stainless steel. It is also embellished with dainty crystals making it the perfect gift to put a bright smile on your friend. 

best gifts for authors - necklace with a writer's quote on it

5. Book-ish tie

This Book-ish tie is so adorable and the tiny little books on it represent a lot – your acknowledgment of the wearer’s skill and their love for writing. Its decent design and contrasting colors are a beautiful way to celebrate their love for writing books. 

This unique and attractive tie will make the beloved writer in your life feel appreciated. They can wear this to add a touch of personal style and likings to their outfit. Therefore, if you are looking for must-haves for writers, don’t forget to get them this tie.

best gifts for authors - blue Book-ish Tie
Source: Amazon

6. Writer’s hat

Little tokens go a long way sometimes, and so would this quirky writer’s hat when you give it to any book writer in your life. This sassy hat would put a smile on the receiver’s face, and every time they put it on, it would remind them of who they are and who they want to be, without all that seriousness of course.

This hat is a subtle yet sassy way to let everyone know that you enjoy writing and take it seriously… oh well, not that seriously. Therefore, get this writer’s hat for someone with a fun and talented personality to match it.

best gifts for authors - blue hat with quote

7. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

A writer needs to have any extra noise canceled in order to fully focus on penning their ideas. These noise-canceling earbuds are just the perfect gift for authors. It blocks out the noise with Hybrid ANC and helps hear through the HearThrough technology. It also has easy connectivity with 2 devices at once using Bluetooth multipoint. Cancel out the extra noise, and let your creativity flow.

best gifts for authors - noise-canceling earbuds

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8. Keep Calm Coffee Mug

This ‘Keep calm’ ceramic coffee mug is the perfect gift idea for writers. It has an excellent print quality that can last a long time. It can withstand high temperatures and can be put in dishwashers and microwaves. Keeping a calm coffee mug is the best way to keep a writer accompanied with their thoughts. It will help the author keep focused during their writing adventures. Moreover, it’s an ideal gift to show best wishes to a writer.

best gifts for authors - coffee mug with literary quote

9. Gel Seat Cushion

For book writers, a gel seat cushion is an ideal gift. It has a memory foam that adjusts according to the curves of your body. This does not let you flatten or loosen the shape. The best feature it has is slow rebounding memory which means the form retains its shape quickly and does not go flat. This is the perfect gift for book writers that can sit down for long hours working on their books without breaking their backs.

best gifts for authors - gel seat cushion

10. Author’s “Book in Progress” Cap

A book writer definitely needs customized additions to their wardrobe. This ‘book in progress cap’ is the perfect addition. It is a vintage 90’s embroidered washed out cotton twill cap hat. It is made up of 100% cotton, it is buckle closure and it is hand wash only. A writer always loves having nerdy stuff with themselves. As a fellow writer, ‘book in progress cap’ is a recommended gift for other fellow book writers.

best gifts for authors - authors cap

11. Typewriter Keyboard

A typewriter keyboard would be another perfect gift for a writer. It easily connects as it has an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 version. You can adjust the white led light using the lever. Further, the volume and brightness of the light can be adjusted using the wheel. It is the perfect gift for writers as it would help them put their thoughts into screens faster as compared to writing with a pencil.

best gifts for authors - typewriter

12. Lumen Desk Lamp

Lumen Desk Lamp is designed to save your eyes from the strain that builds up when you work/write in insufficient lighting. With its adjustable lighting settings and an easy-to-adjust design, this desk lamp is a useful gift for any writer friend. 

This desk lamp has 35 adjustable light settings, so you can choose a setting that works best for you and you can change it according to the time of day and your work environment. Add the Lumen Desk Lamp to your list of gifts for readers and writers.

best gifts for authors - desk lamp

13. Writer’s Emergency Pack

Writer Emergency Pack is developed in light of the much-dreaded writers’ block. It happens to the best of us, and that is when thinking of new ideas might seem impossible. If you have an author friend who has lately been seeming to struggle with their writing journey, then this gift might ease things for them. 

It consists of an entire deck of cards that are full of ready-to-go solutions to help you get rid of writer’s block. It has 26 instant aid tricks that can help you get your story back on wheels. Order the Writer Emergency Pack as it is one of the must-have subscription boxes for writers.

best gifts for authors - Writer’s Emergency Pack with 26 aid tricks

What Are Good Gifts For Authors?

The best gifts for authors are items that help them in their craft and celebrate the work they do. Whether it’s a pen, book, journal, or something to make writing more comfortable, there are plenty of gifts for authors and aspiring authors. Authors appreciate thoughtful presents that recognize their hard work and dedication to the craft of writing.

good gifts for authors

However, gifting an author a book or journal might be over-flogged. Actually, I’d often recommend gifting something more unique and indelible. But that’s not to say notebooks or pens aren’t great. Of course, they are.

After all, it allows them to capture those brilliant moments when inspiration strikes without having to search around for paper or wait until they get home. But chances are, they probably got one already.

That said, we’ve found the best list of gift ideas for authors. And they are so damn unique and great! Let’s explore these gifts next.

What not to gift an author?

what not to gift an author

Gifting an author can be tricky. You want to get them something special that reflects their passion for writing and creativity, but there are certain items you should avoid. Here is a list of things not to gift an author:

1. A thesaurus – Authors already have one or more on hand and they don’t need another one as a gift.

2. Books from other authors – Unless it’s specifically requested by the author, books from other authors can come off as presumptuous or unoriginal.

3. Stationery sets – While stationery may seem like a great idea for any writer, many authors prefer to buy their own paper products so they know exactly what type of quality they are getting when writing manuscripts or sending out query letters to agents and publishers.

4. Unrelated software programs – Writers often use specialized software such as Scrivener, Final Draft, Canva, etc., so gifting unrelated programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, could be seen as wasteful spending since the recipient won’t likely use them anyway in pursuit of their craft

5. An expensive pen set – Pens may seem like an obvious choice for writers but again this item is better left up to each individual writer who knows best which type works best with his/her handwriting style or preferred way of taking notes while working on projects

7. Gift Cards – Gifting cash equivalents such as gift cards can send the wrong message regarding the value placed upon the literary efforts put forth by the recipient.

FAQs On Best Gifts for Authors

What do writers want as gifts?

Writers want gifts that help them improve their craft, such as books on writing techniques, software to aid in editing, and subscriptions to online magazines or blogs with helpful tips. They also appreciate tangible items like journals for jotting down ideas and quality pens or pencils for drafting manuscripts.

What gift to give an author?

A great gift for an author is a subscription to a writing magazine or journal. You can also consider gifting them a certificate to attend workshops related to writing and publishing. Additionally, a thoughtful gift like personalized stationary or an inspirational quote poster can be meaningful to writers.

How can I gift my writing?

Giving your writing away as a present is an excellent way to share it with others. The best approach is to be professional and confident in what you have created. Start by researching the publishing industry, understanding copyright laws, and learning about different methods of publication such as self-publishing or traditional publishing.

What does every aspiring author need?

Every aspiring author needs a good understanding of the craft, and dedication to their work. They must also have a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation and know how to write compelling stories that will capture readers’ attention. Access to professionals, like editors or publishers, who can assist with getting the work out there is also necessary for aspiring authors.

Final Notes on Best Gifts for Authors

Gifting an aspiring author is an admirable way to express gratitude for their laborious effort and devotion. Gifts for authors can be difficult to discern, so finding the perfect gift that will help them with their writing journey is important.

We hope that with this list of gifts for authors, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your author friend.

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