17 Best gifts for songwriters

Gifting a songwriter with the right tools can make all the difference; from portable digital recorders and audio interfaces to MIDI keyboards and studio headphones, to music production software and acoustic guitars – having the right equipment will ensure they capture their ideas quickly and accurately. Sit tight as we explore the best gifts for songwriters below!

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What is the Best gift for Songwriters?

The best gifts for songwriters are ones that help them stay inspired and organized, such as lyric notebooks, recording equipment, music software, audio interfaces, and other tools of the trade. Additionally, basic studio gear like headphones, a microphone with stand, or a MIDI keyboard can come in handy.

If you’re looking for something more personalised, consider customised gifts such as lyric books with songwriter’s notes, limited edition prints of their songs, or even having a studio session in their honour. Gift certificates to online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Spotify make great gifts for the music lover in your life. Whatever you choose, be sure to give it with a big hug and lots of love!

17 Best Gifts for Songwriters

1. Songwriter Mousepad

This gift is perfect for the computer savvy songwriter. This Makoroni songwriter mousepad features a with a custom mousepad featuring their favorite musical quote. It’s a fun way to show your appreciation while also providing them with a useful accessory.

6. Songwriter’s Notebook.

A great gift for writers is a songwriter notebook to jot down ideas. Whether it’s a traditional paper journal or an electronic version, notebooks provide the perfect place to capture thoughts and keep track of progress on projects.

3. A Portable Digital Recorder.

This is a great gift for songwriters who are always on the go and need to capture ideas quickly. It allows them to record their songs, lyrics, or musical inspirations anytime and anywhere. We like the Dictaphone Digital Recorder as it comes with noise cancelling technology so you won’t miss any important details during recording sessions.

4. Personalized Pen Set.

Writers need pens that are comfortable to use and can last through long writing sessions. Consider gifting your writer with a set of quality personalized pens in their favorite color or design. It can be engraved in their name, initials or favorite quote so they can express themselves while writing.

5. An Audio Interface.

For those who want to produce high-quality recordings of their music at home, an audio interface can be a great gift option. It connects microphones and instruments directly to computers so that they can easily record professional-sounding tracks without having to leave the house. We recommend the Focusrite Scarlett Audio interface because it has studion quality recording plus it has great clarity for voice and instruments.

6. A MIDI Keyboard Controller.

If your songwriter friend likes creating electronic music, then this ACAI MIDI keyboard controller could be the perfect gift for them. These controllers allow users to control virtual instruments with physical keys while also providing access to various sound effects and samples that can help bring their compositions alive.

7. Water-proof Music Notes

Songwriters are always jotting down their ideas and lyrics, so a waterproof notepad is the perfect gift for them. It’s ideal for taking notes in any environment, from the beach to the rainforest!

8. Music Production Software.

Music production software such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro X makes it easy for musicians of all levels of experience to create amazing-sounding tracks from scratch in no time at all. With these programs, they’ll have everything they need right at their fingertips when inspiration strikes.

9. Vocal effects pedal

Vocal effects pedal is an excellent way for any songwriter to hone their music skills. Vocal effects pedal adds a unique sound to the singer’s voice when recording or performing live. It can be used to achieve a variety of vocal sounds including distortion, reverb and delay.

10. USB microphone.

This is an essential tool for songwriters who want to capture their ideas quickly and accurately. USB Mics allows your writer friend to record vocals or instruments directly onto your computer. It also helps to improve the sound quality of digital recording significantly. See our special review on the Best USB microphones

11. Studio Headphone.

Quality studio headphones are essential for any serious musician looking to get the most out of their recordings – whether it’s mixing down tracks or just listening back with clarity during playback sessions; good headphones will provide accurate sound reproduction every time. We like the OneOdio Studio Headphone, which has a clear bass sound, plus it paks so much value for the price.

12. A Microphone Stand & Pop Filter Set Up.

Every singer needs a reliable microphone stand and pop filter set up if they want quality vocal recordings every time – this makes sure that unwanted background noise doesn’t interfere with what’s being recorded while still capturing clear vocals each take. We love the InnoGear Set as it comes complete for such great price.

13. Songwriter Cards

Songwriting often involves a lot of trial and error, so having inspirational cards to keep your creative juices flowing is essential. These songwriter cards feature quotes from famous musicians, writing prompts and ideas for structuring songs. This is a useful gift that will help motivate and inspire when they need it most.

14. Music Themed Stickers

What better way to add a bit of personalization to their notebooks and other stationary than with some music themed stickers! From notes and chords, to microphones and instruments, these handy little gifts will bring a smile to any songwriter’s face.

15. Music theory book

Music theory is an important part of being a successful songwriter and having a music theory book on hand can help you understand musical concepts more clearly. It will also provide you with tips for writing better melodies, chords and progressions.

16. A Metronome.

Keeping track of tempo is key when recording music – especially if you’re trying out different arrangements before committing anything permanently onto tape (or hard drive.). A metronome helps keep everyone playing in sync by providing consistent beats throughout practice sessions which keeps things tight even after long hours spent jamming together. We love the Ueteto Mechanical Metronome and it works well for children and beginners.

17. Music Bundle

Producing music has become more accessible than ever due to the availability of bundles featuring DAWs, plug-ins, virtual instruments, sample libraries, and other resources. Perfectly suited for beginners and professionals alike since they offer comprehensive solutions in one package deal, saving money compared to buying items separately. We recommend the Presonus Audiobox, it comes with DAW, plug in suite, studio condenser microphone, desktop tripod stand, and more.

Other Gifts for Songwriters

  • iTune Gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify subscription

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