9 Best Gifts For Writers Who Have Everything

Are you looking for the best gifts for writers who have everything? Finding the perfect gift for a writer can be challenging. They have an eye for detail and appreciate meaningful gifts that speak to their craft.

Whether your writer is a novice or an experienced professional, these great gift ideas will make them smile. Let’s explore some of the best gifts for writers who have everything.

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Best Gifts For Writers Who Have Everything

1. William Shakespeare Polyresin Bust

This world-famous image of William Shakespeare’s Polyresin Bust, cast from the 19th-century original French antique by artist Emile Guillemin is bound to get a writer’s creativity flowing.

This would take a writer into ancient times. It is made from real crushed stones, and resin and is perfect for any literary space, library, home, etc. This desktop figure of William Shakespeare, hand-cast, with a polyresin bust and its antique style, is the perfect gift for your writer friends.

2. Writer’s Prayer Plaque

A Prayer Plaque is a great way to stay motivated and inspired while working on your writing projects. This prayer plaque features a quote that speaks to your writer’s heart. It provides an uplifting reminder of the importance of creativity and hard work, as well as a source of strength when things get tough.

These plaques make excellent gifts for writers who have everything. Whether it’s simply giving them away with their special message or creating customized versions for each recipient, either way, these thoughtful tokens are sure to be appreciated long after they’ve been gifted.

best gifts for writers who have everything - Writers prayer plaque

3. Sleep Bluetooth Headband

Sleep Bluetooth Headbands are the perfect accessory for writers who want to get a good night’s rest. These headbands provide a gentle and comfortable fit, allowing restful sleep soundly without distractions or disturbances.

The in-built Bluetooth tech enables your writer to link up with your beloved music, podcasts, or audiobooks as you doze off into a deep slumber. They can also set alarms so that they wake up ready to write in the morning. Get this gift for your friend to enhance concentration and efficiency by ensuring your writer gets a more restful sleep.

best gifts for writers who have everything - Sleep headband

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4. Multi-Tool Pen Set

This multi-tool pen set is a must-have for any writer. It has all the features to stay productive and organized while writing, including an LED light, touchscreen stylus, ruler, level, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, and ballpoint pen. This multi-tool pen set is the perfect companion for any creative task.

The LED light is perfect for late-night writing sessions when there’s not enough natural light to work by. The Multi-Tool Pen Set is the perfect gift for any writer who has everything and it’s sure to make a great addition to their writing toolkit.

best gifts for writers who have everything - Multi tool pen set

5. First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

The First Lines Literature Coffee Mug is a great gift for any writer or aspiring author. Not only does it feature iconic opening lines from some of the world’s greatest works, but it also serves as a reminder to keep writing and never give up on your dreams.

The ceramic mug is decorated with beautiful artwork depicting classic quotes from authors like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, J.K Rowling, and more. It holds 11 ounces of your favorite hot beverage and is an excellent addition to any book lover’s collection. With its stylish design and inspirational message, this mug will surely bring joy to anyone who receives it.

Order a Literature mug for your writer friend who has everything. 

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6. Miracle Cube Timer

The Miracle Cube Timer is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a method mostly used by writers to enable them to stay focused and be more productive. While you could set up a timer on your phone, that is another opportunity for distraction, such as mindless scrolling. 

The Miracle Cube Timer helps writers focus and write for 25 consecutive minutes and then take a 5-minute break. The Red color makes it ideal to easily locate the timer and it is hard to ignore and get distracted. Get the Miracle Cube Timer here

best gifts for writers who have everything - miracle timecube timer

7. Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves

These Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves are the perfect gift idea for a writer. These gloves are made from 100% cotton jersey knit with the text of  “The Hound of the Baskervilles” imprinted all over it, giving both comfort and style. They measure 8” at the palm and 7” around the forearm. This fingerless glove will keep your hand warm as well as functional. This article is your sign to get your writer friends the perfect gift.

8. Brita water pitcher

Brita water pitcher is a useful and actionable reminder to keep yourself hydrated when penning down your latest thoughts and ideas. Writers know how they get distracted by their thoughts and completely lose track of hydration and meals. To keep a beloved writer from passing out with hydration and losing their train of thought, consider getting them this big water pitcher.  

The Brita water pitcher can hold 6 cups of water and provide a filtered water experience. It reduces the taste of metal ions and allows you to enjoy BPA-free and clean water. The filter indicator lets you track the need to change the water filter. Check out the Brita water pitcher in the best gifts for writers on amazon.

Display of Brita water pitcher

9. Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats are made of thick-density PU foam and designed to help you feel less tired. They come in beautiful designs and allow you to work on your feet without letting the fatigue creep up. The writer community is notorious for staying on their desks for far too long and complaining of posture issues. This gift will save a special writer in your life from such complaints. 

These mats are 3/4″ thick and designed to provide relief for your feet and absorb any shocks that you might feel in your legs otherwise. These mats have non-slip and stain resistant, too, so they can be cleaned with a quick wipe. Order an Anti-fatigue mat for a friend who loves writing and has everything. 

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FAQs On Best Gifts for Writers Who Have Everything

What do writers need most?

Authors require direction and aid to progress in their writing, cultivate a readership and put out their work. They require resources such as tutorials on writing techniques, tools for finding inspiration and ideas, and strategies for marketing themselves online or in print media outlets.

They also need advice on navigating the publishing industry landscape, tips for getting published quickly and easily, and access to professional feedback from experienced authors. Writers also benefit from a supportive community of peers who can motivate them during challenging times.

What should every writer own?

Every writer should own writer work tools like a quality laptop or desktop computer, an external hard drive for backups, a comfortable chair and desk setup, noise-canceling headphones, software such as Microsoft Word or Scrivener to write with, and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for editing PDFs. Additionally, they should have access to online resources like Grammarly and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Is writing a gift or a skill?

Writing is both a gift and a skill. Having the capacity to convey musings, thoughts, and feelings with sophistication requires an innate talent. However, it also takes practice and dedication to hone the craft of writing into something special. Writing is an art that can be perfected with diligence and dedication. With effort, anyone can become an expert writer if they have the right tools at their disposal.

What do successful writers have in common?

Successful writers possess love for their art, a capacity to spin tales that fascinate audiences, and the fortitude to continue penning even in the face of dismissal or other obstacles. Successful authors must be flexible and willing to gain insight from others too.

Furthermore, they understand the importance of marketing themselves and getting their work out to potential readers.

Final Notes On Writer’s Gifts

When finding the best gifts for writers with everything, these 9 items will make any writer smile. A sleep Bluetooth headband will help them get a good night’s rest to write better and more often.

The multi-tool pen set is an excellent tool, while the Writer’s Prayer plaque and First Lines Literature coffee mug serve as great reminders of why they do what they do—to create beautiful stories that bring joy into our lives.

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