11 Best Gifts For Writers Who Like To Read

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give a writer who loves to read? Finding something that is both meaningful and useful can be difficult. But with our list of the best gifts for writers who love to read, you’ll have no problem finding something they will appreciate.

From bookshelves overflowing with their favorite titles to writing tools designed specifically for authors – we’ve got it all covered in this comprehensive guide. We even share some ideas on what not to buy so your special someone doesn’t end up disappointed. So, if you’re searching for the best gifts who writers who love reading, then look no further.

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The Best Gifts For Writers Who Like To Read

1. Writing Courses and Workshops

Gifting a writing course or workshop is the perfect way to inspire creativity in aspiring writers. From online courses with personalized feedback to in-person workshops, there are plenty of options for finding the right fit.

Online writing classes can be a great way to gain insight from your favorite authors without having to travel. MasterClass offers courses via memberships that give access to renowned writers like Joyce Carol Oates and Shonda Rhimes, who share their knowledge on topics such as how to craft believable characters and create compelling plots. The lessons are tailored for different levels, so you’ll find something suitable.

In-person workshops provide an immersive experience that can help boost your writer’s abilities. No matter your preference, in-person workshops can provide an immersive experience to take your skillset up a notch, from fiction and nonfiction to poetry.

3. Writing Retreats

Gifting a writing retreat to any avid reader or writer in your life is an ideal way to show appreciation. For those looking to give the perfect present, there are a variety of options available, ranging from luxurious retreats in stunning locations to at-home kits for distraction-free writing.

All-inclusive writing getaways present writers with the opportunity to flee from it all and concentrate. They can choose from locations like beachside cabins, mountain lodges, or even international destinations that provide everything they need to write—from cozy accommodations and delicious meals to workshops and seminars with experienced authors.

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4. Personalized BookPlate

Reading-related products make great gifts for writers who love to read. For the reader or writer in your life, consider gifting them a personalized bookplate. Personalized bookplates make great gifts for any book lover and can be customized with their favorite author’s name or a special message.

5. LED Neck Reading Light

LED Neck Reading Light is the perfect gift for writers who love to read! It has three colors and six brightness adjustable modes. The best thing about this reading light is that it is totally hand free, and has an ergonomic neck around design. It has a special narrow beam design that gives the reader sufficient light but also does not also disturb anyone sleeping next to the reader.

6. Juesi Reading Light

This Juesi Reading Light is hands down our personal favorite gift for writers this season. It is a book light which has a design in the shape of a panel. It is transparent and will light up when put in a reading position. The best thing about it is, it does not have any stray light that would bother anyone sitting next to the reader. Juesi’s reading light is the perfect gift for those who love to read at bedtime.

7. Page 1 subscription

Page 1 is a decent ebook subscription with various options of 3-, 6-, and 12- month plans. It offers a customized subscription option which is curated based on the unique preferences that you choose while signing up. With your Page 1 subscription, you get a mixed offering of paperbacks and hardcovers. 

Page 1 offers large text prints for those with eyesight issues. You get to enjoy reading books and authors you adore instead of spending time reading what does not appeal to you. Also, it offers free ebook replacements in case you get a book that you have already read. Get the Page 1 ebook subscription as it is one of the best gifts for readers and writers.

Set of paperbacks and hard covers with a coffee mug under subscription plan of Page 1

8. Literary-inspired jewelry

Literary-inspired necklace is another great option that celebrates classic novels like The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice.

9. Reading IQ subscription  

Reading IQ subscription is an online library designed to inspire and engage growing readers. Its collection enables young readers to make developments in their understanding of text and reading fluency. The collection of books in this library is mostly early chapter books and simple language. Users can track reading progress and enjoy this service on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Homepage hero section of Reading IQ digital platform

Subscribers get access to popular children’s titles. The collection offers interesting Read to Me books to engage children. Readers can enjoy both exclusive originals and popular classics. Guided Reading and Lexile® levels are available for tons of books. Make a young writer friend who loves to read really happy by getting them an annual subscription for $39.99 only.

10. Amazon Gift Card

Gift cards from Amazon make a great present for bookworms who desire to order their own books. An Amazon Gift Card is a great choice as it gives the recipient an array of options, such as books from beloved authors, to pick from. Physical books are still a great option; there’s something special about having an actual copy.

11. Scribd subscription

Scribd subscription is a great online library subscription and one of the best gifts for friends who love writing as it allows you to browse through specific reading categories. It provides readers access to academic papers, interesting magazines, and even court filings. You get to enjoy some wonderful magazines with Scribd too. 

If you are unsure about what to read, Scribd will take care of that. You will get access to award winners, bestsellers, and also some great indie titles. Besides audio and digital books, you can access snapshot memories, podcasts, and even sheet music. You can download books for offline listening and add bookmarks as well. All the more reason why you should get a Scribd subscription for a writer friend that loves to read. 

Set of books with different genre we can get from Scribd

FAQs On Best Gifts Who Writers Who Love to Read

What Is A Good Gift For Someone Who Likes To Read?

A great gift for someone who loves to read is a book subscription service. Subscribing to a book delivery service is an excellent present for the avid reader. It enables them to be continually exposed to fresh publications and discover new writers or categories. Alternatively, you could give them an eReader so that they have access to thousands of titles in one place.

What Do Writers Like As A Gift?

Writers appreciate gifts that support their craft. Useful items such as journals, pens, and books on writing can be great choices. A subscription to a magazine related to the writer’s genre or topic of interest is also appreciated. Other thoughtful gifts could include online courses for learning new skills, software programs for editing and formatting manuscripts, or gift cards for printing services like self-publishing platforms.

What To Gift Someone Who Wrote A Book?

A thoughtful gift for someone who wrote a book is something that will help them with their writing and publishing journey. A literary magazine or blog subscription dedicated to writing, such as Writer’s Digest, could offer beneficial advice and guidance. Alternatively, a gift card to purchase books on topics related to the author’s genre could be useful in expanding their knowledge base.

What To Gift A Novel Reader?

A novel reader would appreciate a gift that speaks to their passion for literature. Consider gifting them something like a journal or notebook to write in, bookmarks with inspiring quotes, an audiobook subscription, or even tickets to a literary event. Showing your appreciation of their love of reading will make any bookworm feel special and appreciated.

Final Notes On Best Gifts For Writers Who Like To Read

Reading can be a critical component of writing, and many great presents could help authors stay motivated.

Whether you’re looking for something small or large, from book subscriptions to reading lights, plenty of options are available when it comes to finding the best gifts for writers who love to read. With these ideas in mind, you can be sure that your writer will appreciate any gift they receive.

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