11 Best Gifts For Young Writers [& Child Writers]

Young writers may struggle to access the means and motivation necessary for crafting their tales. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best gifts for young writers. Whether you’re looking for a gift card or writing tools, there is something for your writer friend.

This post has plenty of ideas perfect for any young or child writer. We’ll explore our 7 top picks plus what you shouldn’t be gifting a young writer. Hang on.

best gifts for young writers

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7 Best Gifts For Young And Child Writers

1. Book of Bookmarks

The Book of Bookmarks contains 20 bookmarks and items that will boost your reading experience. The collection of 20 bookmarks forms an essay regarding why we read and how literature might change our lives. This book is a unique idea for gifting with thought-provoking quotes to keep you mentally engaged. 

This book of bookmarks prompts some brief and artful occasions so that at the beginning or end of a reading session, the reader can take a break and reflect on the power of books and their ability to change our lives for good. You may want to treat the writer you love to this wonderful Book of Bookmarks.

gifts for young writers - bookmarks

2. Scrabble: Harry Potter Edition

A wonderful take on the classic game of Scrabble by creating a version inspired by Harry Potter – Scrabble: Harry Potter Edition is a gift we all need, writers or not. While scrabble itself has been around for ages, this themed edition is bound to be a rage among the generation that witnessed the craze of Harry Potter. 

If the special writer in your life is also a Harry Potter fan, they need this edition of Scrabble. Besides the usual jargon, they can celebrate the vocabulary from the World of Harry Potter. Get the Scrabble: Harry Potter Edition for a very lucky writer now. 

gifts for young writers - harry potter scrabble

3. Storymatic box

The Storymatic box urges the user to use their imagination to tell a tale. With tons of writing prompts, it is a wholesome game for writers, children, and families. It offers a fun way to get together, enjoy some free time and allow your imagination to soar and create interesting stories. Definitely a great remedy for writer’s block too.

The Storymatic box has 360 storytelling prompt cards and story starters for kids, plus twenty black cards to add your own prompt. To play, combine character cards with complication cards and let your imagination knit up a story. A booklet with prompts and non-competitive storytelling games is also included inside the pack. Inspire your favorite child writer to keep believing in their talent to tell tales by getting them the Storymatic box.

best gifts for young writers - storymatic kids

4. Writers’ socks

Who doesn’t need socks at this time of the year? So get these witty Writers’ socks for the writer in your life. These socks are a fun way to show your recognition of their talent and to extend your support for their writing career. 

With a simple yet thoughtful gift like this, the aspiring writer in your life will feel inspired to stay motivated and write more. These socks are machine-washable, made of high-quality material, and very comfortable. Make an aspiring writer feel motivated by wrapping up the Writers’ socks for them. 

best gifts for young writers - literary socks

5. Interesting Facts Book

This Jordan Moore’s book is a treasure trove of 1572 fascinating facts, covering an impressive range of topics such as history, science, pop culture, and so much more. It’s ideal for children 10+ years who love learning something new daily.

Gifting this captivating collection will encourage a lifelong love of learning and inspire creativity through exposure to diverse topics. As a young writer, they’ll appreciate the wealth of information that can spark new story ideas and broaden their understanding of the world around them. Surprise the inquisitive child with this remarkable book, and watch their curiosity and imagination flourish!

gifts for young writers - interesting facts book
best gifts for child writers

6. Author’s Mug

This Writers’ Mug comes with a witty phrase printed on it. Since most writers are known for their excessive caffeine consumption as they concoct interesting stories. The mug can keep your writer friend both inspired and well-caffeinated to get started with their first piece of writing. 

It will also make a great addition to their writing desk or bookshelf. Add this Authors’ Mug to your shopping cart if you want a gift to celebrate an aspiring writer’s love for coffee. 

best gift for young writers - published author mug

7. Pride And Prejudice Fingerless Writing Gloves

Pride And Prejudice Writing Gloves are a great gift for writers of all ages. These are made of super soft material with an open palm circumference. The gathered design with contrasting silk threads makes it comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

These gloves are bound to make the wearing writer feel a sense of some literary adventure as they type away their latest thoughts and ideas. Get this lovely fingerless glove gift for writers and make a friend happy. 

fingerless gloves for kids

8. Book Of Writing Prompts For Kids

This innovative workbook is packed with over 100 imaginative writing prompts designed to appeal to children aged 8-12. Each prompt is thoughtfully crafted to help young writers explore various genres, characters, and settings, ensuring a delightful experience that will keep them hooked for hours.

This gift will fuel their passion for storytelling and develop their vocabulary, build confidence, and enhance their ability to think critically and express themselves. Gift the “Writing Prompts for Kids” to the budding author in your life, and watch their imagination soar to new heights!

best gifts for child writers

9. Illustory Book Making Kit

The 2017 Mom’s Choice Award Gold Award Recipient, this kit includes everything your young writer needs to create their very own full-color, 20-page, professionally printed hardcover book. Along with ready-to-use templates and a set of color markers, the kit features a new writing guide, which offers step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to help bring their story to life.

The “About the Author” feature allows your child to be showcased as the published author on their book’s back cover, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride. Gift the “Create Your Own Book!” kit to the young writer in your life, and watch them publish their very own masterpiece!

best gifts for young writers - illustory bookmaker

10. I’m A Writer t-shirt

The “Dream while awake” t-shirt is one of the best gifts for young writers that will inspire creativity. Since the print on it celebrates their passion for words and creative daydreams, it encourages the wearer to pursue their goals. 

This shirt would reinforce the young writer’s love for writing and fuel their passion to continue their efforts to contribute to the literary world. Put a smile on your favorite young writer’s face with this t-shirt.  

best gifts for young writers - writers shirt

11. “future best-selling author” sign

The “future best-selling author” sign is one of the best gifts for friends who love writing, as what could be better than an office sign that reminds aspiring authors of their dreams? This adorable office decor sign would also serve as a reminder of your support for their goals. 

It is a 1/8″ PVC and printing and rope hanger which will make your young writer friend always think of you and the support you extend to their goals. Push them to pursue their dreams with this gift item

best gifts for young writers - author sign

What are Some Good gift Ideas for young writers?

Gifts for young writers are a great way to encourage their creativity and help them express themselves. Here are some great gifts for young writers:

  • A personalized journal – A journal or notebook is an indispensable aid for any author, regardless of age. A personalized journal is even better for young children. It serves as an excellent keepsake for years to come. Give your young writer a personalized blank journal with inspiring quotes or illustrations on each page so they can write down ideas as soon as they come to mind.
  • Pen Sets – Pens make excellent gifts because it’s always nice to have something new when you’re writing. Look out for brightly colored pencils with cool designs like stars, hearts, or even animals printed on them. Alternatively, you can go for felt tip pens. Brightly colored felt tip pens bring extra color & life into drawings accompanying stories.
  • Storybooks – Provide your child with some storybooks to help foster their writing skills and encourage them to explore different topics, such as fantasy or adventure. Choose ones that focus on topics such as fantasy or adventure; this will help inspire their own creative stories later on.
  • Poetry Books – If your child or your writer friend loves poetry, consider giving them books filled with poems from famous authors like William Shakespeare or Robert Frost.
  • Creative Writing Software: For those tech-savvy children, gift them creative writing software that allows them to type up stories easily without worrying about grammar mistakes or formatting issues—this is especially helpful if English isn’t their first language.
  • Kids Typewriter: Giving children a taste of the past, an old-fashioned typewriter can be an excellent gift as it encourages proper spelling and grammar while helping develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Inspirational Quote Posters – Hang up posters that feature motivational phrases such as “Dream Big” or “Write On.” These words can act as daily reminders whenever they feel unmotivated to write. Alternatively, you can search for posters with quotes from famous authors such as JK Rowling or Roald Dahl that remind them why they love writing in the first place.
  • Story cubes – These small cubes feature different images on each side that help spark creativity when making up stories together as a family. They’re perfect for helping younger kids get into the habit of writing by giving them ideas about what to write about next.
  • Writing prompts book – This type of book contains hundreds of story starters which will help inspire any budding author who might need some help getting started on their next masterpiece. Many contain age-appropriate topics such as fairy tales, space exploration, etc.
  • A Dictionary/Thesaurus – A dictionary and thesaurus are essential for any young writer. Having both of these resources available makes it a breeze to find synonyms. Nowadays, there are plenty of electronic versions if you’re more inclined towards digital copies than physical ones.
  • Subscription Boxes – For a truly stimulating experience, try out a monthly subscription box for kid writers. They deliver fresh and fun ideas right to your doorstep. With new and exciting themes arriving at your doorstep each month, they’ll never run out of ideas.
  • Novelty erasers – Who doesn’t love novelty erasers? Whether shaped like cats wearing glasses or robots fighting dinosaurs, these collectible erasers will put smiles on the faces of child writers. They provide practical use allowing mistakes made during drafting stages to be easily corrected.
  • Bookmarks – Not only do bookmarks keep track of where someone left off reading, but they also serve as reminders to stay focused on achieving goals, especially once the story begins taking shape; plus, don’t forget to personalize bookmarks further using photo drawings, give gift an extra special touch.
  • Storytelling cards – Perfectly suited for younger kids who may still be learning to read properly yet enjoy storytelling activities. These cards provide images instead of text, making them easy enough that even toddlers can understand without being able to read. Each card often has its unique theme ranging from fantasy adventures to everyday life scenarios.

What not to gift a young writer?

Gifting a young writer can be tricky. It’s important to choose gifts that will appeal to their interests and truly help them improve their craft. Below are some examples of what not to gift a young or child writer:

1. Too Much Technology.

While technology has its place in writing, it is not necessarily helpful for younger writers. And that’s because they may become too reliant on spell checkers and grammar apps. Instead of gifting tech-based tools like laptops or tablets, opt for something more traditional such as notebooks and pens, which will encourage creativity without relying too heavily on technology.

3. Mechanical Pens.

As with too much tech, you shouldn’t consider getting a set of mechanical pencils to a child writer. Although mechanical pens last longer than regular wooden ones and require less sharpening, it may not be great for a young writer seeking to learn the craft of writing and other important skills like hand coordination and handwriting.

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3. Books That Are Too Advanced.

A great gift for any writer is books about writing techniques or literature from authors they admire; however, when selecting these books, make sure they are age appropriate so the child won’t become overwhelmed by material beyond their comprehension level. Choose titles with topics relevant to their skill set instead of ones written with advanced concepts in mind.

4. Lack Of Personalized Items.

Giving a generic gift like a book or pen might seem like an easy solution but doesn’t show much thoughtfulness towards the recipient’s interests and preferences. Ensure your present makes an impact. Try finding something personalized that speaks directly to the person you’re giving it to – whether it’s a personalized notebook cover or even just picking out stationery with colors and designs tailored specifically to them.

Writing can often feel isolating since most of it happens alone behind closed doors; therefore, providing support through feedback can go a long way in encouraging budding writers, especially those still learning how best to express themselves through wordsmithing.

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best gifts for child writers

FAQs On Best Gifts For Young Writers

What To Gift A Young Writer?

A young writer would appreciate a gift that encourages and supports their craft. A quality journal or notebook to record ideas, notes, and drafts is always useful.

How Do You Inspire Young Writers?

Encourage young writers to read widely and often. Expose them to different genres, styles, authors, and topics so they can develop their voices. Offer constructive feedback on drafts and assignments that will help guide their development as a writer.

What To Get A Kid Who Wants To Be An Author?

Kids who want to be authors should get the tools they need to start their journey. A laptop or computer, a good quality writing program, and access to research materials are essential for any aspiring writer. Additionally, joining a local writers group for kids is a great way to meet other authors.

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