Getting Started With Chioma: You’re Welcome! is best described as a writer’s blog. It began as a motivational blog for inspiring writers on the need to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), innovation, and Tech in the writing craft. I found an AI writing tool,, way back in 2020 (now to help ease writing and question the growing hype, albeit new, about Artificial intelligence.

After using it for the first time in 2020, I wrote my first review in 2021 (later republished here). I wondered how a tool, so much acclaimed to help automatically craft the word, would be so disappointing.

I had given a very poor review and it was understandably so. was built on the old GPT2 model which was short of mimicking human writing or even anywhere near it. However, since then, a lot has overwhelmingly changed in the AI space.

Although we have dramatically expanded into other writing-related fields and categories since then, our sentiments have not. We are still obsessed with finding the real truth about existing, new, and trending AI content tools.

And not just that, we are here to help with advice on writing and publishing. As an experienced author who has been through it all, I am here to hold you by the hand. Whether you’re just starting out or already established as an author, I can provide guidance that will make that difference.

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Are you a writer aspiring to pen a masterpiece that never fails to captivate? Look no further. Reach out to us and uncover how we can help you to take your writing to unprecedented heights!

Overcome Writing Challenges With Me

I understand that every writer has unique challenges. We provide valuable resources, including reviews of top-rated writing gear, AI tools, books, interviews with authors and editors, plus pieces on the writing craft, self-publishing, and book marketing tactics – all to ensure you succeed. And it won’t be long before you do.

From detailed guides on how to write compelling characters or captivating plots, right down to the nitty-gritty details of grammar rules – no matter what kind of advice you’re looking for, I guarantee that there will be something here for you.

Whatever advice you need, you can navigate to these areas below:

Gain Valuable Insights from An Experienced Writer

At, you can learn from the best of the best. There are so many helpful resources here. You’ll get the know-how on how to craft your stories, overcome writer’s block, create compelling content, build an audience base, find publishing opportunities, and much more.

This blog is packed with helpful information about writing styles, storytelling techniques, and ways to hone your craft as an author or writer. I offer guidance on mastering the publishing realm, from self-publishing to finding a traditional publisher, so that you can get published quickly without being overwhelmed by unfamiliar terms or procedures.

Trust Us for Quality Information

I understand how important it is to provide quality information to you. I provide only reliable and trustworthy advice on this blog. I have more than a decade of experience in writing and publishing so you can trust me for your own journey. But why trust us, you may ask?

Why Trust Us?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t. I am a seven-figure successful writer and publisher. And I have created this blog to help writers and aspiring authors like you find your rhythm and take your craft to the next level. I have published over 100 successful books in many different genres (under pen names), so you should trust my expertise.

I don’t profess to be the best at determining the best methods or strategies nor am I the best at determining 100% best software performance. That quest is better left to scientific laboratory tests. But I’ve tested almost every tool, software, strategy, and technique, required in our trade of writing, since 2013. 

Not only do I test these tools, but I use them. I also communicate with other writers, and authors in most genres, and get feedback about their experiences. I talk to software developers about bugs, fixes, and our general experience and acceptability. Also, we conduct surveys and participate in beta releases of new products. Then, we take that data and put together a detailed review that, at least we believe, is the most thorough and objective you would find.

We don’t sell software or products as a manufacturer. As a result, we have no incentive to push a particular brand. No doubt, we do have incentives. Part of our motivation lies in convincing you to click on a link to buy on a manufacturer’s website or on Amazon. Not a guilt-free process for sure, but it doesn’t come with any particular brand bias.

Our Biases

I understand that all writers have biases when it comes to their tools. I am one. But I can say my livelihood does not depend on if you prefer a particular brand of product or software that we review. That’s why I strive to provide unbiased reviews and opinions about them.

In the end, we are writers who love writing and think it helpful to share the data from our reviews as well as personal experiences from using these tools. My hope is that the approach is both non-threatening and unbiased. If you as a writer, or aspiring author find something useful in our reviews, then I feel successful.

So, I understand how important trust is when looking for guidance in such an important field as writing and publishing. That’s why I only provide quality information so you can be rest assured that whatever advice we give will always be accurate. We want nothing more than for every one of you to succeed – and that is why we strive hard every day so that you get all the help you need.


It’s a stretch to claim we have the best advice for writing and publishing. Not that we can’t take that claim, but writing, at its core, is also subjective, and much more an art than a science.

What strategy or technique is best for you can not be decided by me. As such, I disclaim here that our advice is GUARANTEED to MAKE you SUCCEED. Instead, I claim that our advice here on this blog is best for more new and aspiring writers than any other.

As well, I claim that this blog is probably best for leveraging growth and scaling processes in the writing niche. I can confidently state, that nearly every new writer would have success with our tips. But if it is indeed the particular ‘best tip’ for your ‘specific need’ question, then I can’t answer.

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