55 Best Realistic Fiction Story Ideas To Spark Your Imagination

Story ideas are a great way to get inspired and create engaging stories. With realistic fiction, you have the freedom to craft interesting storylines with relatable protagonists who face real-world issues.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes realistic fiction so alluring as well as provide 55 realistic fiction story ideas for your next story.

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realistic fiction story ideas

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What Is Realistic Fiction?

Realistic fiction is a genre of fiction that uses the real world as its setting and includes elements of everyday life. It explores real-world situations, characters, and struggles that could occur.

Realistic fiction can be used to explore themes such as family relationships, growing up, friendship, or coming-of-age, romance, family dynamics, social issues, and more.

Realistic fiction can be classified as either depicting actual events or being completely fabricated. True-to-life stories are those that follow real people’s experiences in life. This type of realistic fiction may focus on topics such as coming-of-age tales or journeys through difficult times like illness or grief.

On the other hand, made-up stories are those that take place within an imaginary world created by the author but still contain elements from our own world such as familiar settings and characters.

What Is The Allure of Realistic Fiction?

Realistic fiction’s appeal lies in its capacity to captivate readers with themes and messages that are familiar to them. This makes them very relatable.

Readers can relate to the characters in these stories because they feel like they could actually exist in our world. Realistic fiction enables writers to communicate ideas without depending on unreal components, such as mystical beings in fantasies or time-jumping.

Realistic fiction centers on characters and narratives that appear genuine, plausible, and sometimes inspired by real life. It appeals to readers by providing a narrative that they can identify with. It allows them to connect with the narrative more deeply than other genres. This makes it an engaging read for many different types of readers.

70 Realistic Fiction Story Ideas

Realistic fiction story ideas can be a great way to express your creativity and craft stories that feel true to life. These 70 realistic fiction story ideas provide a great starting point for any aspiring writer:

Key Features

1. A student struggles with coming out as gay at their conservative high school;

2. A single mother navigates her way through financial hardship;

3. An elderly woman finds comfort and companionship after losing her husband; 4) A young girl discovers she has magical powers.

4. A shy student struggles with fitting in at a new high school until they join the debate team where they find acceptance among peers who share similar interests.

5. Upon returning to their hometown, they discover the changes made by the local government and an activist rises to voice their demand for justice and the rights of citizens.

6. A young girl moves away from her hometown and must adjust to a new school while learning how to make friends in an unfamiliar place.

7. Two brothers have different personalities but learn how to work together when they take on a summer job at their father’s company.

8. An introverted teen discovers their passion for art after joining an extracurricular club at school despite feeling intimidated by other students who seem more talented than themself.

9. A woman struggling with infertility finds out she’s pregnant after years of trying.

10. A young girl moves away from her hometown and discovers new opportunities and friendships in her new city.

11. A family copes with the death of their beloved pet dog who was part of their lives for many years.

12. An immigrant struggles to adjust to life in a foreign country while trying to keep his culture alive within his family unit at home as well as outside it among strangers he meets every day on the streets and at workplaces etc

13. Two best friends go through a rough patch when one starts dating someone new, causing tension between them both as they try to figure out how things will be different now that there’s another person involved in their relationship dynamic.

14. A couple goes through marriage counseling together after experiencing major changes in their relationship dynamics due to external influences such as financial issues, parenting disagreements, health problems, etc.

15. An elderly man finds solace in writing letters to strangers as he struggles through losing his partner at age 90 after 70 years together.

16. A single mom battles against all odds as she strives to give her daughter the best possible future while struggling financially.

17 Upbringing two children alone since tragically losing their father, twin sisters learn resilience by relying on each other’s support during tough times.

18 In order to save their village from destruction due to industrialization, a group of villagers embarks on an incredible journey not knowing what awaits them ahead.

19 After a life-changing accident, a young woman learns to navigate her new world in a wheelchair and finds the strength within herself to never give up.

20 Through their shared love of literature, two strangers become friends who help each other face their biggest fears.

More Realistic Fiction Story Ideas

21 An unexpected pregnancy leads to an even bigger surprise when the mother discovers the real identity of the baby’s father.

22 A young doctor searches for a way to balance her demanding career and personal life while struggling with her own self-doubt and insecurities.

23 An ambitious lawyer finds himself on an unexpected journey as he navigates through a budding romance, ethical dilemmas, and difficult decisions.

24 Struggling to make ends meet, a young couple decides to take their chances at starting over in a new city in hopes of finding financial stability and happiness.

25 After inheriting her great-grandmother’s estate, a young woman discovers dark secrets about her family’s past that lead her on an emotional and eye-opening journey.

26 After a traumatic experience abroad, a young man comes back home only to find himself struggling with PTSD as he battles to come to terms with his new reality.

27 A woman discovers that she has been living a life of lies since the death of her mother, forcing her to unravel the truth behind her family’s past.

28 A talented musician struggles with writer’s block as he navigates his way through a tumultuous relationship, drugs and alcohol abuse, and life on the road.

29 When two complete strangers join forces to save a neglected animal shelter, they discover that together they can do more than either of them could do alone.

30 As a young adult struggles with addiction and mental health issues, she finds strength in the support system of her friends and family who never give up on her.

31 After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, a woman embarks on an incredible journey to fulfill her lifelong dream before it’s too late.

32 A former soldier is haunted by his past as he struggles to reintegrate into civilian life but finds hope in an unexpected friendship that helps him heal.

33 When faced with the unthinkable, a young girl finds strength and courage within herself to stand up against injustice and fight for what’s right.

34 A woman finds the courage to start over after being released from prison and discovers that second chances come with unexpected gifts.

35 After losing his wife in a tragic accident, a man discovers strength through music as he learns to cope with his grief and find peace in her memory.

36 A refugee family embarks on a journey of hope and resilience as they search for a better tomorrow in a strange and unfamiliar land.

37 An introverted girl learns to open up her world through the power of imagination, allowing her to explore the beauty within herself and beyond.

38 When tragedy strikes his small town, a teenage boy finds himself on an incredible journey of faith and self-discovery as he searches for a way to make amends.

39 A young woman discovers the strength within her when she musters the courage to confront a dark family secret from generations past.

40 After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, a man embarks on a life-affirming journey to make the most of his remaining days.

Even More Realistic Fiction Story Ideas

41. A young woman follows her dreams of becoming a famous author, despite opposition from family and friends.

42. A small-town boy moves to the city with hopes of living his dream life only to be met with disappointment and heartbreak along the way.

43. Two city dwellers discover that they have been unknowingly sharing an apartment for years without ever meeting each other face-to-face until one day when their paths cross in unexpected ways.

44. After inheriting a mysterious box from an unknown relative, a woman sets out on a journey to uncover its secrets and find a connection within her own life story along the way.

45. A woman grapples with her past as she struggles to make sense of a traumatic event, only to find solace in the unexpected love and acceptance of another.

46. After a devastating accident leaves him paralyzed, a young man learns to accept his new life and find joy in the little things.

47. When his marriage falls apart, a man discovers that true happiness comes from within as he embarks on an emotionally charged journey of self-discovery.

48. A single father fights to protect his family and keep them together while struggling with the consequences of a difficult decision he made years ago.

49. A young woman learns to embrace her fears and insecurities as she embarks on an extraordinary adventure that changes the course of her life forever.

50. When a disaster strikes, a group of unlikely heroes joins\ forces to help those affected, uncovering strength and resilience within themselves in the process.

51. When faced with the ultimate challenge, a woman discovers courage and faith within her heart to push through the darkness and find hope on the other side.

52. An outsider finds himself in an unfamiliar world as he struggles to fit in, only to uncover strength and acceptance from those who were once strangers.

53. A woman learns how to forgive when she is forced to confront the hurt of a painful past, allowing her to move forward and heal.

54. After being diagnosed with a rare illness, a woman undergoes an incredible journey of self-discovery as she learns to accept her new reality and find beauty in life.

55. A young girl discovers the power of friendship when she is taken in by a group of kind-hearted misfits and learns to open her heart to new possibilities.

56. A woman finds the courage to leave an abusive relationship and reclaim her worth, learning to love herself in the process.

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FAQs On Realistic Fiction Story Ideas

What Are Good Topics For Realistic Fiction?

Good topics for realistic fiction include family dynamics, friendships, relationships, coming-of-age stories, overcoming adversity, and struggles with identity. Other popular topics are exploring difficult moral choices or issues like racism or bullying. The possibilities are endless.

What Are Some Examples Of Realistic Fiction Stories?

Realistic fiction stories often focus on everyday life and the struggles of ordinary people. Examples include “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, “The Last Cherry Blossom” by Kathleen Burkinshaw, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, “The Stars Beneath Our Feet” by David Barclay Moore, and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

How Do You Come Up With A Realistic Fiction Story?

Creating a realistic fiction story requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration. Start by generating ideas for the narrative, protagonists, location, and topics. Next, develop your characters’ personalities in detail to make them believable. Research any necessary background information about the setting or time period of your story to ensure accuracy.

Final Notes On Realistic Fiction Story Ideas

Realistic fiction story ideas can be a great way to express your creativity and craft stories that feel true to life. Whether you’re writing for yourself or an audience, these realistic fiction story ideas provide endless inspiration for all kinds of creative projects.

Let your creativity run wild with the limitless possibilities of these story ideas. So get out there and start crafting some amazing tales.

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