Thriller Story Ideas: 25 Ideas That Will Keep Readers Up All Night

Do you like to be scared? If so, then a thriller story is the perfect type of story for you! Thriller stories are full of suspense and mystery. They usually have a lot of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end. So if you’re ready for an exciting ride, these thrilling story ideas will get your imagination going!

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a crime syndicate - thriller story ideas

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27 Thriller Story Ideas

The Ruthless Salesman

A ruthless salesman is hired to work for a corporation. After 10 years, he discovers that their product is actually killing people. Unknown to him, the company is part of a dark and powerful conspiracy.

Haunted Pool

Three pleasure seekers have now died in the same pool in a mysterious way. It soon becomes apparent that their deaths are connected to an ancient coin lost in the pool. But no one knows what this coin holds and how it will affect the town. A group of friends now attempt to uncover the truth behind the haunted pool and save themselves from an unknown evil.

The Veil of Death

An old woman is found near death in a forest, with mysterious markings on her arm. She mutters a single word – ‘The Veil of Death’. The townspeople are now in a panic, as they know the legend of this veil and its power to turn anyone it passes over into an undying zombie.

The Curse of Triton

A small island is cursed by a powerful sea monster called Triton. Villagers are disappearing one by one, and it takes the disappearance of the King’s daughter for the King to take action. He assembles a group of heroes and task them with defeating Triton and breaking the curse. But in order to do so, they must face danger, monsters, and puzzles beyond their wildest imaginations.

The Secret Murderer

A serial killer is on the loose in a small town. The police cannot explain the motive behind these hideous crimes, and all evidence points towards an unknown mastermind. However, it takes a young rookie detective to crack the case but his jealous colleagues and the town’s dark past soon get in his way. Will he be able to uncover the truth and take down the secret murderer?

a trail of mysterious crime scene - thriller story ideas

Sword Of Revenge

A legendary hero has been slain in battle, and now his son is out for revenge. He sets off on a perilous journey to reclaim his father’s sword and defeat the wicked forces that took away his beloved parent. Along the way, he encounters fierce monsters and try to reclaim what is rightfully his.

A Teary Smile

A young girl is struggling to cope with her family’s recent death. But when she discovers a magical teary smile in the woods, she finds out that it has the power to bring back anyone from the dead. But before she can use the teary smile, she has to find out how it works and what its effects are. She now embarks on a journey of self-discovery in order to bring her family back from the dead.

Torture in the Playground

A group of children are abducted and taken to an abandoned playground where they face death traps and other cruel torture methods. Now, it’s up to a brave detective to rescue the children and put an end to the sadistic games in the playground.

Web of Lies

When a young woman discovers that her father has been lying about his identity for years, she embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. As the web of lies unravels, she discovers a sinister plot that puts her and her family in great danger.

The Witch’s Spell

A young girl discovers that she is the last of a long line of witches, and is suddenly thrust into a world of dark magic and mysterious creatures. Now, unknown forces are after her, and she must use all of her strength to break the witch’s spell and save herself.

The Crazy Scientist

A brilliant but mad scientist is on the verge of creating a powerful new invention. But when it falls into the wrong hands, he must rely on his own genius and cunning to stop the dark forces from unleashing its unspeakable power.

Horror on the Train

A group of passengers on a night train experience an eerie and disturbing phenomenon. As the journey progresses, they soon find themselves in the grip of a terrifying sword that seeks to pierce through their souls. Will they make it off the train alive?

Village Fire Pit

Many years ago, a village was destroyed by a massive fire. The cause of the blaze has been lost to time, but now it is up to four brave adventurers to find out the real truth behind the catastrophe. Can they uncover the mystery of the village fire pit?

Police Station Quagmire

An old police station is in the middle of a mysterious quagmire. As the officers investigate, they discover that a powerful drug cartel has set up shop there and are heavily armed with advanced technology. Now, the team of detectives plan to take down this criminal organization before it takes over the city.

Detector Sins

A group of detectives are tasked with stopping a powerful crime syndicate. As they investigate further, they find out that this syndicate is using an old machine called the Detector Sins to control people’s minds and turn them into ruthless monsters. The detectives are now torn between stopping this dangerous criminal organization and restoring people’s sanity.

Mysterious Shadow Walker

A young girl discovers that she is being stalked by a mysterious shadow creature. So, she attempts to uncover the origins of her stalker. But then, she realizes that the shadow walker has a hidden agenda – one that will put her own life in danger.

a shadow walker - thriller story ideas

Terror Cafe

In a small cafe, mysterious and terrifying events start to unfold. Customers are being kidnapped and held hostage. A brave kitchen staff of the cafe attempts to stab a powerful spirit lurking deep within the cafe and discover its sinister plans.

The Witch Doctor

A mysterious stranger appears in a small village, offering to solve people’s problems with his dark magic. As he works his way through the town, he begins to uncover secrets about the residents – secrets that will soon lead him down a dark and dangerous path.

Escape from Hell

A group of people find themselves trapped in a hellish underground prison. With no way out, and as the darkness closes in, they realize that their only hope of escape lies in uncovering a powerful secret within the prison walls.

Cannibal Island

A group of travelers finds themselves stranded on an isolated island, populated by a reclusive tribe of cannibals. One day, they stumble upon a mysterious cave. This cave surprisingly was a scene of a fetish ritual that birthed the cannibals decades ago, and holds the puzzle to the island’s dark and ancient secrets. Can they solve the mystery and escape alive?

The Conspiracy

A journalist gets caught up in a dangerous investigation, when he discovers that several mysterious events are part of a dark and powerful conspiracy. He follows the clues that lead to leeway where he discovers the schemers behind the conspiracy, and their own evil purposes.

The Doomsday Clock

An apocalyptic event is approaching and it appears that no one can stop it. Time runs out, and a group of brave heroes must find a way to prevent disaster before the doomsday clock strikes midnight.

The Dark Tower

A mysterious tower suddenly appears in a small town. It is dark, forbidding, and holds a secret that could destroy the world. However, the townspeople must unravel the secrets that lie within if they are to save themselves from the terror of the tower.

The Labyrinth of Death

A group of middle school students find themselves lost in a mysterious maze filled with monsters, traps, and puzzles. They traverse deeper into the labyrinth, hoping to find a way out – and then something happens that changes their fate forever.

The Ghost of the Forest

A young girl discovers that she can see ghosts. Now, she finds herself forced to face a terrifying spirit living deep within the woods. In a twist of events, she sees the ghost of her long-lost lover, who might have a chance to save her from the ghost’s dark plans.

Scary Nurse

A young nurse discovers that her hospital is being secretly used for sinister purposes. As she investigates further, she learns about a mysterious doctor and his terrifying experiments on unsuspecting patients. However, the nurse accidentally pricks herself with a needle from one of the experiments and she slowly begins to change into something strange.

Demonic Babysitter

A young girl is tasked with looking after an unruly child. Soon, she discovers that there’s something evil behind his behavior. As she gets closer to the truth, she discovers that a powerful demon has possessed the child in order to carry out its own sinister agenda. But she got crossed in the demon’s way and now she has to find a way to save herself and the child from its clutches.

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Final Notes On Thriller Story Ideas

Do any of these story ideas sound like something you would like to write about? With a bit of investigation and plotting, you could create your own thrilling story that will keep your readers guessing until the very end!

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