Story Ideas For Kids: 100+ Story Prompts With Pictures!

Do you have a kid who loves to write stories? Or maybe you’re looking for some creative writing ideas to get your child’s imagination going? Either way, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Kids love to write stories, and there are plenty of ideas out there to help them get started. With over 100 story prompts, this collection of fun and imaginative ideas will help spark their creativity. From funny anecdotes about talking animals to thrilling tales of adventure in faraway lands, there’s something here for every budding author.

In this post is a list of 100+ story prompts to inspire creative writing in children.

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What are Story Ideas for Kids?

Kids’ stories are tales of adventure, courage, and friendship. Most kids’ stories have some kind of exciting plotline and characters, whether they’re often about a magical underwater kingdom or a band of adventurers. They can also be educational, teaching youngsters important life lessons such as bravery, perseverance, and problem-solving.

Kids have a unique perspective that can lead to some of the most creative and imaginative stories you’ll ever hear. And the good news is that you don’t have to be an experienced storyteller to come up with these ideas. With Story Ideas For Kids, you can give your kids all the tools they need to create their own incredible stories.

So, what are the elements that are common with kids stories?

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Elements Of Story Ideas For Kids

These include elements that will engage kids and keep them interested. Here are some key elements of great kids’ stories:

  • An interesting protagonist: A main character who is brave, creative, and resourceful can draw in younger readers.
  • A conflict and resolution: Stories with a problem to solve and something at stake will keep kids engaged right up until the end.
  • Fun settings and creatures: Kids love imaginative worlds full of monsters, talking animals, and fantastical creatures.
  • Humor: A touch of humor to your stories can make them more enjoyable and memorable for kids.
  • Morals and lessons: Incorporate life lessons into your stories that will help teach children valuable skills such as problem-solving, cooperation, and empathy.

In addition, add some colorful descriptions of the setting so kids can get a visual of what’s happening in the story.

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How To come up with Kids Story ideas

Coming up with story ideas for kids can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new or haven’t written one before. Here are some tips and tricks to help you come up with the perfect story idea:

  • Brainstorm: Write down your thoughts or sketch out your ideas is a great way to get started on any project.
  • Use Your Imagination: Kids love imaginative stories, so let your creativity soar when you come up with ideas.
  • Think Like a Kid: Remember that kids are eager for adventure and excitement when they read, so keep that in mind when you craft your story.
  • Ask Questions: Ask questions like “What would happen if…?” can lead to some interesting and unexpected story ideas.
  • Research: Do research on topics related to your story idea can help you come up with even more creative ideas.
  • Talk To Kids: Talk to kids about their own stories and interests is an excellent way to get new ideas and inspiration.
  • Get Feedback: Ask a friend or family member to read your story and give you constructive feedback on how it can be improved.

100 Story Ideas For Kids

Story Ideas For Kids With Titles

The Kettle and the tea cup: A story about two friends – a kettle and a tea cup – who go on an adventure together.

The Magic Puddle: A child discovers a magical puddle in their backyard that grants wishes.

A Visit to Grandma’s: A story about a grandchild who visits their grandmother, and learns from her wisdom. They try to make memories together.

The Mouse Who Saved the Day: A tiny mouse uses its wit and courage to save the day.

The Impressive Balloon: A story about a balloon that takes a child on an unexpected journey of exploration and adventure.

The Brave Little Frog: A frog embarks on an exciting journey to find its family and discovers bravery along the way.

The Artist’s Dream: A story about a child who follows their dreams and learns to express themselves through art.

The Lemonade Stand: A group of children open up a lemonade stand, learn important lessons, and make a lot of money in the process.

The Pirate and the Princess: A story about two unlikely friends – a pirate and a princess – who team up to find buried treasure.

The Lost Toy: A child loses their favorite toy, embarks on an adventure to find it, and learns to appreciate the people in their life.

The Rainbow Maker: A story about a child who discovers they have the power to make rainbows, and learns to embrace their magical ability.

The Big Race: A group of kids compete in an exciting race and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

The Wonderful World of Books: A story about a child who discovers the joy and wisdom found in long-lost books.

The Robot Friend: A robot helps a lonely child make friends and teaches them how to be brave.

The Kind Dragon: A story about an unlikely friendship between a dragon and a human, and how they learn to appreciate each other.

The Little Witch: A young witch uses her magic to help others and discovers the importance of kindness.

The Magical Garden: A story about a secret garden that comes alive when night falls, and the magical creatures that live there.

The Lost Puppy: A lost puppy and the adventures it has as it searches for its home.

The Brave Knight: A story about a young boy who goes on an adventure with a brave knight to save the kingdom.

The Star-Filled Sky: A girl looks up at the night sky, sees the stars, and is inspired to reach for her dreams.

The Mysterious Creature: A story about a child who discovers a mysterious creature living in the woods and helps it find its way home.

The Knight and the Dragon: A knight defeats an evil dragon with the help of his loyal friends.

The Music Maker: A story about a child who discovers they have the power to create music and learns to express themselves through it.

The Dancing Star: A boy follows a star on an unexpected journey of self-discovery and adventure.

The Circus Troupe: A story about a troupe of acrobats and clowns who perform an incredible show. They inspire the audience to appreciate the beauty of circus art.

The Great Race: A story about a group of animals who compete in an exciting race. They learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Little Dragon: A dragon who discovers its true potential and bravery through an adventure with a brave knight.

The Magic Carpet Ride: A story about a magical carpet that takes a child on an unexpected journey of exploration and adventure.

The Flying Ship: A band of kids who build a ship and fly to an enchanted island, learning important lessons along the way.

The Giant’s Castle: A story about a giant who lives in a castle. An unsuspecting visitor comes along but is soon taught an unforgettable lesson.

The Space Adventure: Three kids travel to outer space. They become scared but learn about the wonders of science and technology.

The Little Mermaid: A story about a mermaid princess who follows her dreams and learns to express herself through song.

The Dragon Slayer: A brave knight attempts to save the kingdom from an evil dragon. With a sledgehammer, he pierces the dragon, but the Dragon transforms into a deadly beast.

More Story Ideas For Kids

More Story Ideas For Kids

The Island Adventure: A group of kids travel to an abandoned island. They come across strange waters and animals. But they are threatened by their friendship and trust along the way.

The Wild West: A story about a group of kids travel back in time to the wild west. They encounter magic and the mythical realm. But they learn important lessons about justice and equality.

The Quest for the Golden Egg: An exciting story about a group of kids who use their wits and courage to find a legendary golden egg. Turns out the egg must be kept safe and unbroken until they return home.

Banana Garden: A garden filled with bananas that are tended to by an inquisitive monkey. Some kids attempt the plow the garden but are threatened by the Moneky.

The Lost Treasure of Atlantis: A story about a group of adventurers who attempt to find the lost city of Atlantis before it’s too late. They’ll need to use their wits, bravery, and knowledge to unravel the secrets of this ancient civilization.

Cotton balls and Rainbows: A magical story about a cotton ball who dreams of being able to fly. After much practice and perseverance, the little cotton ball finally succeeds in taking flight and discovering a world filled with rainbows, adventure, and friendship.

The Magical Monkey King: A fun tale about a mischievous monkey king who uses his magical powers to help his villagers. Unfortunately, he transforms into a vindictive King but along the way, he learns valuable lessons about fairness and responsibility.

The Cat’s Meow: A story about a cat who discovers she can talk. She embarks on a journey of discovery and adventure as she tries to make friends with other animals who speak in another language.

The Mystery of the Missing Map: A fun mystery story about a group of kids who use their wits and courage to solve the mystery of a missing map. Along their journey, they’ll uncover secrets and make new friends.

The Circus of Dreams: A fun tale about a group of brave and determined children who help save their town’s circus.

The Unicorn Quest: A magical story about a girl on a quest to find a unicorn. She’ll need to use her bravery, imagination, and intelligence in order to find the magical creature.

The Wizard’s Apprentice: An exciting story about a brave young boy who is chosen to be the apprentice of a powerful wizard.

The Rainbow King: A fun and magical story about a brave little boy who embarks on an epic quest to save the kingdom from an evil wizard. With the help of his loyal dragon and rainbow unicorn, he’ll need to use his courage and intelligence in order to succeed.

The Lost Princess: A brave little girl embarks on an epic quest to save her kingdom from an evil witch. The gets lost in the process, but she attempts to use her long-forgotten magical powers to return home.

The Mermaid’s Tail: A whimsical story about a young mermaid who uses her courage and intelligence to save her kingdom from a wicked sea witch.

Dog farm: A story about a dog farm that is home to a variety of different breeds. As the farmer’s kids explore this place, they make new friends amongst the animals.

Fish Tales: A fun story about a group of brave and determined kids who use their courage to find the lost home of a magical fish.

Talking Drum: A tale about a brave and determined young girl who discovers a magical talking drum.

The Fox’s Den: An imaginative story about a young fox who discovers a hidden den filled with secrets and surprises.

A Magic Pet: A young child discovers a pet with magical powers and embarks on an adventure to learn how to use them.

Mystery of the Disappearing Library: A small town’s library mysteriously disappears one night and it is up to a group of brave children to find out what happened.

The Genie in the Bottle: Two siblings discover an old bottle with a genie inside. They make three wishes but they have to use them wisely.

A Fairytale Adventure: The classic fairytale characters come to life and invite a group of children on an adventure that will teach them valuable lessons about friendship, courage and kindness.

An Underwater Treasure Hunt: Two children find a map and set out to find treasure hidden deep beneath the ocean. Along their journey, they meet mysterious creatures and uncover secrets of the deep sea.

A Magical Board Game: When a board game is discovered in an old attic, it leads to an unexpected adventure full of magical creatures and evil villains.

Lost In Space: Three children are accidentally transported to another planet and team up with aliens to find their way back home.

A Journey Through Time: Two siblings travel through time and uncover secrets of the past that will help them solve a present-day mystery.

The Secret Garden: A hidden garden is discovered in an abandoned house, and its magical powers lead to an unforgettable adventure.

Superheroes Unite: A group of kids discover a hidden laboratory and use its superpowers to save the world from an evil villain.

Even More Story Ideas for Kids

Even More Story Ideas for Kids

The Magical Circus: A mysterious circus arrives in town and the children use their wits and courage to save the day.

The Search For The Lost City: An ancient lost city is discovered and it’s up to a group of brave explorers to unravel its secrets.

The Legend Of The Dragon King: A group of children uncovers an ancient legend and battle a dragon king to save their village.

An Epic Reunion: When two long-lost friends are reunited, they embark on an epic journey to find the hidden treasures of the past.

The Adventures Of A Pirate Ship: A group of kids stumble upon a pirate ship and use teamwork to outsmart the evil captain.

The Mystery Of The Missing Piece: A magical puzzle holds the key to an unbelievable secret, but the missing piece is lost somewhere in time. It’s up to a brave group of kids to find it before it’s too late.

The Curse Of The Pharaoh’s Treasure: An ancient curse guards an Egyptian tomb, and the children solve its mysteries to free the treasure inside.

Saving Santa’s Workshop: Santa’s workshop is taken over by evil elves, and a group of courageous kids try to save Christmas.

The Search For Merlin’s Magic: A powerful sorcerer’s secret is stolen, the children use all of their skills to find Merlin’s magic and restore peace to the kingdom.

The Missing Pieces Of The Past: A mysterious box is discovered, and the children use their detective skills to solve the puzzles and uncover secrets of the past.

Into The Dragon’s Lair: A group of brave kids journey into a dragon’s lair and use their courage and strength to defeat an ancient evil.

A Trip To The Land Of Oz: A tornado transports some kids to the magical land of Oz. The children use their brains and brawn to find their way back home.

The Ice Witch’s Spell: An evil witch casts a spell on a small village. Four brave kids attempt to break her icy curse.

The Hunt For The Golden Egg: When a golden egg is stolen, the children use their wits and courage to find it before time runs out.

A Mission To Mars: An alien civilization contacts Earth, and three brave kids go on a mission to make contact with the advanced species.

The Secret Of Atlantis: A mysterious island is discovered in the depths of the sea. Some brave adventurers try to uncover its secrets.

Kitchen Magic: A magical kitchen is discovered and it’s up to a group of brave kids to use their culinary skills to save the day.

The Quest For The Crystal Crown: A group of brave kids journey across a treacherous land to find the legendary crystal crown and save their kingdom.

Saving Christmas From An Evil Wizard: When an evil wizard threatens to ruin Christmas, it’s up to a small band of courageous kids to put a stop to his plans.

Crotchet Castle: An evil wizard takes over a castle, and the children work together to restore peace and harmony to its walls.

The Demon Of Doom Mountain: A group of brave kids travel up the treacherous mountain to battle an evil demon and save their village.

An Enchanted Journey: An enchanted forest is discovered, and four brave children save a magical garden from an evil monkey king, who is intent on destroying it.

Uncovering The Mysteries Of The Jungle: When a mysterious temple is discovered in the jungle, a group of brave kids use their wits and courage to unlock its secrets.

The Quest For The Lost City: In order to find the legendary lost city of gold, the children bravely journey into unknown and dangerous lands.

A Journey To The Moon: A spaceship crashes on the moon – two kids decide to repair it and get home safely.

The Battle For Mount Olympus: The Greek gods are threatened by an evil force. As the story unfolds, a group of brave kids try to protect themselves and their home.

An Adventure To Save The Universe: The universe is threatened by an intergalactic menace, four kid heroes come together to save it.

The Mystery Of The Ancient Temple: When a hidden temple is discovered, the brave adventurers use their wits and courage to unlock its secrets.

A Quest For The Lost Ark: In search of the ancient artifact that could hold immense power, four brave heroes undertake an epic journey to find the lost ark.

Defeating The Demon King: An ancient evil rises to power, a group of brave adventurers uses their courage and strength to defeat the demon king and save the world.

A Mission To The Stars: A group of brave astronauts set off on a mission to explore an unknown planet in the depths of space.

Searching For The Fountain Of Youth: An ancient legend speaks of a magical fountain that grants eternal youth, and it’s up to some brave adventurers to find it.

The Curse Of The Pharaohs: When an ancient curse is unleashed upon the land, four brave adventurers set out on a quest to find its source and stop it before it destroys

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Final Notes on Story Ideas For Kids

The possibilities for storytelling with these story ideas for kids are endless! With a little creativity, these stories can become memorable adventures that will stay with your children for years. Get your pens and paper ready – it’s time to start writing!

Happy Writing! 📝✍️😊

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